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Laugh. Learn. Inspired.

When I speak, I want the audience to laugh, learn, and be inspired.

Public Speaking

As a speaker I bring the audience out of their heads and their seats and into the topic. There is not sitting on the sidelines. I bring energy, laughter, and reflection to bring the audience into their heads and their hearts to ignite inspiration.   From an audience of 10 to an audience of 500 you will not forget our interaction.

Please click the link below for a list of speaking topics. I have many more topics and I will customize topics to fit your needs.


Laugh, Learn, Inspire is me, so it is in my facilitation. It differs from speaking in that facilitation is guiding a group or team to a specified agreement and place.

If you are looking for someone to lead discussions, moderate a panel, mitigate conflict, drive change, create cohesion, build community, creative brainstorming, succession planning, or more, please consider me.  

“Krista’s professionalism, expertise, and energy were beyond exceptional. Krista made herself available from the very beginning through the day of the event to ensure all our needs were met. She listened intently and collaborated at all levels to finalize an extraordinary program. Krista was doubly challenged for our particular event where the audience members were professional trainers and coaches just like herself. Krista rose to the challenge and delivered. I have no doubt Krista will meet the professional development needs of any area business or organization.”

I was struggling to live life in an intentional and present way. I attended a series of seminars, facilitated by Krista, that laid the foundation for the personal work I undertook. Within the safe space of mutual respect and support I was able to identify, label, and acknowledge the events and experiences in my life that contributed to my overall sense “otherness”, of not quite fitting in to the world in the same way that others seemed to fit . The exercises, personal introspection, and safe space allowed me to name the barriers to my journey. I was able to accept my personal path, acknowledge the bad, embrace the good, and then set it down and walk forward. I was freed of the weight of past decisions and experiences. I was empowered to craft the story of my life.