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Your Journey Begins with Self-Reflection

Life Coach

I foster HOPE by partnering with individuals to get unstuck. I guide them in discovering who they are truly meant to be and then living it.

I ask questions from the outside and you answer them from the inside!  

It can only be an inside-out journey because the story on the inside (what you say to yourself) becomes the journey on the outside (how you live).  You and I partner on your journey of discovery and growth.  Discovering what is inhibiting you from being who you want to be, who you are meant to be, and where you want to be.  Then growing into the unique individual you were created to be and impacting the world as only you can.  

Discover Thy Self:  Who are you at every layer?  What are your gifts?  Your beliefs?  Your values?  

Know Thy Self:  Really understand who you have discovered, embrace you with your whole being.  There is only one ‘you.’

Grow Thy Self:  Continue to evolve into the next version of you?  Passion is fueled and growth is fostered when we live in your ‘Gift Zone.’

Lead Thy Self:  It has to be about you first.  It is about you leading you.  Only then can you give yourself to others.

You are unique.  There is only one ‘you.’  You were put here on purpose and with a purpose.  Please, let the world experience your gifts! 

How do you know if you need a coach?

Is your life fulfilling?

When we are unfulfilled, we often define it as boredom. This is an uncomfortable space. To minimize the discomfort, we fill the space with activity. "We get busy" to mask the feeling, but something is still missing.

Does the life you lead align with who you are?

When your life is not aligned with who you are, you feel out of balance. You cannot get life to fit. This is an uncomfortable space. To minimize the discomfort, we tell ourselves stories to justify where we are or what we are doing. Our stories mask the feeling, but something continues to be missing.

Is your soul hungry?

There is a constant, nagging hunger. It is not a physical hunger, it is a soulful, passionate hunger to be doing what aligns with who you are and why you are here.
Then you wake up one morning and you are hungry. You work all day and you are hungry. You go to bed hungry. You wake up tomorrow and you are hungry. It is not a physical hunger. It is a soulful, passionate hunger to be doing something that aligns with who you are and why you are here. You cannot mask this hunger and this hunger will not go away.

I'm very thankful for Krista. She was able to help me through a challenging time. Krista was able to help me push through areas where I had a hard time going BUT it was necessary to go through the tough parts and understand what happened.

My growth through the time I spent with her has helped me move forward in my life.

Krista helped me reach greater clarity around my unique strengths and my purpose...and how to put both into meaningful action. Krista has the unique gift of cutting straight to the heart of the matter, leading to powerful insights.

Working with Krista was an eye-opening experience for me. She asked me tough questions that forced me to look deeper inside of myself than I ever have. I left coaching with clear understanding of who I was as a person- which was something I didn't have going into it. I'd recommend her services to anyone. -KM, Wisconsin

Step Forward Into YOU

I'd be honored to partner in your journey.