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It is time the world gets to experience you

You were put here on purpose, for a purpose

"Improving the world one person at a time,
by Helping you become a better version of yOU!"

You have Choices

I foster hope by partnering with individuals to get unstuck, and then guide them in discovering who they are truly meant to be, and then living it.


Krista Morrissey, MAE-OD, EQi, PCC

As I look back on my life’s journey, there are so many reasons, lessons, and gifts to who I am, why I am the way I am, what I do, and why I do it.

I grew up on a farm in Illinois.  I loved farming, I loved the animals, and I spent every moment I could with both.  I appreciated hard work and the fulfillment of looking across a field of freshly mowed hay or a field whose harvest was complete. 

I entered the University of Wisconsin-Platteville as a farmer and an athlete and I graduated as a farmer and an athlete with a degree and a plethora of memories.  I found a company eager to invest in their employees and my 29-year journey of discovery and growth started.  Through wonderful mentors, success and failure, domestic and international experience I grew into a businessperson, leader, and facilitator of change and continuous improvement. 

It was a great fit, until it wasn’t.  I found myself uncomfortable and unable to get ‘quiet.’  I was out of alignment.  I started asking, ‘what is my purpose and am I doing it?’  I found a life coach and my vision expanded.  I discovered, at a deeper level, my true gifts and passion.  Being a Life & Leader Coach, speaker, facilitator, and organization development specialist put me smack in the middle of my ‘gift zone.’  CHOICES Coaching & Consulting was born.

As a coach, I foster hope by partnering with individuals to get ‘unstuck’, and then guide them in discovering who they are truly meant to be, and living it.

I have a disarming ‘gift for gab’ (so I have been told) that puts my clients at ease. I have worked with individuals from 14-74 years old. I make it comfortable for them to talk about themselves. This comfort allows individuals to push themselves to stand in the tough questions, to know they have the answers that we simply must uncover.  One of the most powerful things I do for my clients:  I ask questions from the outside so they can answer them from the inside.

I strongly believe if you change your geography, you change your perspective.  Many of my sessions are on hiking trails or in a park. I believe in the power of nature and movement.  The destination is for you to decide. It is a journey of self-discovery and growth that I am honored to partner with you on.  You are here for a reason!  You matter!   Your gifts matter!   The world needs what you have!

My most poignant moment of being a Life and Leader Coach is when I bump into a previous client and I  see them shining.  They are shining in the light of themselves and who they were meant to be.  I understand all of the obstacles they had to surmount and all the work they put into it, but they did it!  They have evolved and are aligned with who they are and where they are meant to be at that moment in their life.  There are no words to put into that moment except gratitude. I am so grateful they trusted me to walk the inside-out journey with them.

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“Krista is one of those people who, once you meet her, is hard to forget.” L.R.

I have taken 30 years of domestic and international experience as a leadership and organization development expert to become an ICF-certified coach and founder of CHOICES Coaching & Consulting. My purpose is to improve the world one person at a time by helping individuals become a better version of who they are.

We all possess the ability to evolve into the next version of ourselves in any role personally and professionally. I draw on my strength to stand with others through their growth and change. I  possess a unique ability to relate to individuals of all ages and all levels of an organization. People feel safe when we are together.

I believe in growth with a purpose. Unleashing your full potential personally and/or professionally. Facing forward to the future. Every voice matters. Every goal and dream matters. I believe the story on the Inside (what you say to yourself) becomes the journey on the outside (how you live and lead). My candid, no nonsense approach, balanced with my humor and caring personality make me a force for growth. I carry  tremendous respect for those with the courage to face themselves and grow into their power, the leader within.

“We as choosers have the right to choose…

but, once the choice is chosen,

the choice controls the chooser.

 – Krista Morrissey –
Journeys Through Growth
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