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It is time the world gets to experience you

You were put here on purpose, for a purpose

"Improving the world one person at a time,
by Helping you become a better version of yOU!"

You have Choices

I foster hope by partnering with individuals to get unstuck, and then guide them in discovering who they are truly meant to be, and then living it.


Life Coach

Discover You, Know You, Grow You, Lead You. BE YOU!
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Executive Leader Coach

Strong, aligned leaders believe in themselves so that they can believe in and lead others.
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Organization Development

Identify the focus, prioritize actions, measure success.
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Laugh, Learn, Be Inspired.
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“Krista is one of those people who, once you meet her, is hard to forget.” L.R.

I have taken 30 years of domestic and international experience as a leadership and organization development expert to become an ICF-certified coach and founder of CHOICES Coaching & Consulting. My purpose is to improve the world one person at a time by helping individuals become a better version of who they are.

We all possess the ability to evolve into the next version of ourselves in any role personally and professionally. I draw on my strength to stand with others through their growth and change. I  possess a unique ability to relate to individuals of all ages and all levels of an organization. People feel safe when we are together.

I believe in growth with a purpose. Unleashing your full potential personally and/or professionally. Facing forward to the future. Every voice matters. Every goal and dream matters. I believe the story on the Inside (what you say to yourself) becomes the journey on the outside (how you live and lead). My candid, no nonsense approach, balanced with my humor and caring personality make me a force for growth. I carry  tremendous respect for those with the courage to face themselves and grow into their power, the leader within.

“We as choosers have the right to choose…

but, once the choice is chosen,

the choice controls the chooser.

 – Krista Morrissey –
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Journeys Through Growth

Step Forward Into YOU

I'd be honored to partner in your journey.