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People. Process. Tools.
Start With The Pain Points

Organization Development

Organization development begins with a customized business plan.

  1. Scoping: clearly identifying your needs and opportunities
  2. Team: Selecting the right members to participate and make decisions
  3. Schedule: Determine the urgency
  4. Sustaining: 30-day, 60-day, 90-day follow up

23 U.S. States. 9 Countries. 33 Industries.

I have experienced it. No matter where in the world you go O.D. is O.D. It may have a different geographical landscape, a different pace, or a different language.

I am an organization development specialist with international experience in an array of industries. I dive into challenge and change with a keen focus and humor to lesson the anxiousness that comes with pursuing changes.

 Every organizational challenge falls into people, process, tools. Get the people together, being heard, cohesive and collaborating and they will tell you where the pain points are. Together we work to reduce or eliminate the pain points in your business and facilitate the transition to the new. Thus, improving or creating the culture, production, quality, and service that positively impacts your bottom line. My unique combination of life/leader coaching and organization development talents brings an extra punch to all transformation.

Drawing upon her formidable background in organizational effectiveness, both in terms of educational credentialing and high impact professional experience, Krista enthusiastically shares her knowledge, insights, and suggestions in impactful fashion with individuals and groups.

Some of the most memorable and positive training experience I have had have been under her tutelage.

Step Forward Into YOU

I'd be honored to partner in your journey.