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Every leader is rooted in a person,
and every person is rooted in a life

Executive Leader Coach

No matter how you look at executive leadership, there is a human fulfilling every role. Therefore, I coach the executive leader and let them take their new awareness, their growth, their transformation and step into the role of executive. Most executive leaders know how to fulfill the expectations of their role. It is the person; their thoughts, perspectives, biases, behaviors and values that get in the way and impact the executive.

I am proud to be a professionally certified Executive Leader Coach through the International Coach Federation. Coupled with my coaching is over two decades of domestic and international experience focusing on change, culture, conflict mitigation, continuous improvement, culture, and organization development. This powerful combination of coaching and organization development work allows me to bring the tools and perspectives any executive needs to address what is here and grow to what they desire.

The inside out journey of discovery thy self, know thy self, grow thy self, lead thy self is where we start. The story on the outside (how you live) is a result of the story on the inside (what you say to yourself). Get the inside right – get the outside right. Get both right and we grow and enhance the leader within. You truly show up as yourself.

“Leadership begins with you and ends with you, but it is not about you.  It is about those you lead.”  – Krista Morrissey –

Once you lead yourself, only then can you effectively lead others. When you lead others, your professional path grows.

Krista was great to work with. She understood my thought process. Krista always had the time I needed, our meetings never felt rushed.

Our time together really helped me so much! It set a base for me to think and move forward from. Leaving my past, and past things behind. Helping me to be more present. Thank YOU, again!

Krista has an impressive resume which gives her clout. She is a passionate and engaged coach who is willing to tackle difficult discussions. She is focused on results. The 360 degree assessment is excellent. Krista's communication has been fantastic throughout. I'd recommend Krista for leadership coaching in the future.

Step Forward Into YOU

I'd be honored to partner in your journey.