Whether you’re in the private, public, non-profit or academic sector(s), let Krista motivate, enlighten (and, yes, entertain) your team. Her candid, no-nonsense approach is perfectly balanced with her instantly endearing and affable personality, making her an unstoppable force in leading your team in conquering their doubts, completing their journey and celebrating their own successful outcomes.

"Some of the most memorable and positive training experiences I have had have been under her tutelage."
Amy Schultz - PMP

Milwaukee area and southern Wisconsin is home to Krista's growing professional network.

Drawing upon her formidable background in organizational effectiveness, both in terms of educational credentialing and high impact professional experience, Krista enthusiastically shares her knowledge, insights, and suggestions in impactful fashion with individuals and groups.
Daniel A. Schroeder, Ph.D., President/CEO
Organization Development Consultants, Inc.

Have you played in your sandbox lately?
Krista has fun and insightful ways to help your organization to work and run at an efficient and effective level.
Why does your organization exist?
There are many questions your organization should be asking itself as well as your employees to aid in job fulfillment and job alignment. Let Krista help your organization run smoothly.  

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