Keeping up with Krista

Does any of this sound familiar?

​​​What is my purpose?
​Do I even have any gifts? If so what are they?
​There is something missing in my life, but what is it? 

​If you are asking yourself these questions, it's time to take action.
​Although this means you will need to put some time into it, it's worth it.  This is YOU we are talking about! So take care of YOU!
​Once you invest on what is going on in the inside of YOU, everything else will fall into place.

​Here are some of the things Krista has been working on.

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​​​Knowing yourself allows you to face life head-on and make decisions in alignment with who you are. If you are interested in your teen discovering their values, strengths and skills while gaining self confidence before they graduate, ​register them now for this 8 week Growth Camp. ​This is for High School Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. ​ 

​October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5, 12, 19

N35 W29288 North Shore Drive
Hartland WI

​The old fashioned school house

​Parents and teens will need to attend a meeting prior to the start of the camp. Please fill this form and return to Krista to reserve your place in this meaningful camp. Choices High School informational form.docx

​Any questions, please contact

​Please click here for more information. Choices Within_TEEN.jpg

​​​​​Topics Parents have discussed with Krista -
​Make Sure Your Child Knows They Matter -
CHOICES can Help

​​FANTABULOUS! (Fantastic! & Fabulous!) My word to describe the UWM's 2017 Women Leaders Conference.

If you are looking for value, wisdom, affirmation, growth, humility and positivity, then the Milwaukee Pfister Hotel is where you should have been.

​VALUE: The knowledge one receives to add to the value of their gifts; their worth.

​WISDOM: Combined and shared in a community of 500 wise women.

​GROWTH:  The mental, emotional and spiritual expansion, both personal and professional.

​AFFIRMATION:  I am not alone in my journey and the world needs my gifts.

​HUMILITY:  Just when I thought ‘I am all that’ I met 500 fantabulous women.

​ENERGY:  The positive energy was intoxicating.
​POSITIVITY: I am honored to have been a speaker, and grateful for the gifts I received from the powerful women in attendance.  I am better because of you!

I’m very thankful for Krista.  She was able to help me through a challenging time.
Krista was able to help me push through areas where I had a hard time going BUT it was necessary to go through the tough parts and understand what happened.
My growth through the time I spent with her has helped me move forward in my life  ~ Kris Weninger

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